Institut Teknologi Sumatera is the one and the only university in Indonesia to offer an undergraduate program in cosmetic engineering. Student learn to develop, formulate, and produce cosmetics and personal care that learn from upstream to downstream. Explore the raw material, formulate, assess the products' safety, performance, and quality then learn how to market the product.

Cosmetic Engineering at a Glance
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Career Path

Cosmetic Analyst

Hands-on experience with the cosmetic analyst competencies in both in conventional and instrumental then in microbiological

Cosmetic Formulator

Giving wings to the students to formulate cosmetic based and type.

Cosmetic Quality Control and Sensory

Study how to make sure the quality control of cosmetic and its sensory

Process Engineer

Understand how to scale up and design the process in cosmetic industry

Raw Material Explorer

Find the thematic ingredient in Sumatera specifically, and Indonesia


Learning more about how to build cosmetic business in term of product development, packaging design, marketing


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Consentration Topic

Cosmetic Technology

In cosmetic engineering, we will learn cosmetic from upstream to downstream